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Oct 31, 2018

Jim Satin- Member Spotlight

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Jim has been a member of TITLE Boxing Club since December 2014, when his daughters (Annie & Mandy) talked him into trying his first class.  He immediately became one of our hardest workers, totaling over 600 classes since then.  Jim loves coming to class with his daughters and the camaraderie with other members of Title Boxing Club. He dreaded the core portion of the workout when he started. However, he didn’t let it discourage him. Jim took this as a challenge. He is now a record holder at the club, as he has held a plank for over 30 minutes. He is looking to snap his own record this month as we prepare for “Thanks and Planks.”

Jim’s natural toughness combined with his kind heart has made him one of the most loved members in our club. The TITLE family will cheer him on this November and beyond.

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