We want to give a huge shoutout to one of our most dedicated members, Ben. Every time he comes in he pushes himself hard and motivates everyone around him. TITLEA2 is very lucky to have Ben be a part of our TITLE Fam.
“TITLE Boxing Club Ann Arbor – Double Jab Cross – head then body.  My favorite combination.

Title Boxing has become a part of my life.  I have been involved in multiple sports and exercise programs throughout my life.  I was a competitive swimmer in high school – swam butterfly.  I was a Senior National Ski Patroller for years.  I ran 10K’s and half marathons all summer long for decades.  I belonged to gyms and lifted weights.  I competed in the Michigan Equestrian Hunter / Jumper circuit for years piloting a thoroughbred horse over four to five-foot fences. I even taught high-impact aerobics at Vic Tanney’s.

All these efforts resulted in wear and tear on my body.  From degenerative joint disease in my big toes to a blown-out disc in my back.  Frustrating.  Then a friend introduced me to boxing.  At last, something I could do that didn’t aggravate my injuries.  Intense workout without the grief.
As with any sport until you do it you don’t understand the nuances.  Boxing is a very cerebral sport.  While I have not yet faced an opponent (not likely at my age) I now understand the strategies involved when competing.  It’s about integrating defense and offense and setting your opponent to win the match.
There are other benefits to boxing.  It is about core strength and weight control.  I weigh what I did when I graduated from high school in 1963 (that will age me).  I had a four-hour surgery two years ago and with my physical fitness, it was a walk in the park.  But perhaps the most important part is the friendships formed with fellow boxers.  This is what makes it fun.