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Aug 25, 2016

Brian’s Success Story

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Brian joined TITLE boxing almost 3 years ago. He weighed over 300lbs and wasn’t happy with the direction his fitness was headed. He comes to TITLE no less than three times a week since he started in 2014 and has attended 450 classes. One of the things Brian loves about TITLE is that no matter what kind of day he has had he knows he can come into the club, take class, and the trainer will turn his whole day positive.

Brian has been working in security and sales for several years. When Brian came to the club he had just turned 40 and his job did not require a lot of physical activity, so he began to gain more weight than what he wanted. Brian first heard about the club in 2014 and decided to take his First Shot Free. His first class was with a trainer at Ann Arbor named Rachel. Rachel was one of Brian’s favorite trainers and she motivated him so much in that first class that you bought a 2-week pass. Half way through the 2-week pass Brian decided to commit to TITLE and signed up for 12-month membership. Brian continued to work with trainers, including Alex, Kevin, Rachel, Tony, and more.

At one point Brian won a free half-hour of personal training. He tried it out and loved it. Combining the speed, agility, and coordination of boxing through mitt work Brian was able to give his weight loss a kick-start that it needed and continued doing mitt work in combination with his classes. Brian enjoys the atmosphere of the evening classes because it is usually busy and exciting.

It is hard for Brian to pick a favorite trainer, but one of his favorite memories at TITLE involves our Head Trainer, Doc. In Ann Arbor, we aren’t known for the best weather, even in the summer we have very powerful storms. One time we were having class and there was a tornado warning. Doc and the staff told everyone to get to the back of the building. Luckily, Brian was part of a very motivated class that day. Instead of huddling in fear from the bad weather, the trainer and the class decided to continue the remainder of class in the back of the building with the 15 minutes of core. That’s when he knew TITLE Boxing Club Ann Arbor was truly a special place.

Since joining the club, Brian has lost over 180lbs. He has also gained a greater stamina, built his strength, increased his flexibility, gained more confidence, and increased his positivity all around. All of the staff members know Brian. He is friendly and fun to be around and can really pack a punch. Brian still takes three classes a week and continues his weight loss journey.

We are happy to have you as a member of our club Brian, and we are proud to have you represent us.