Spring Towards Your Goals
March 23, 2022

Spring Towards Your Goals

Spring is finally here in Birmingham. Rejuvenated by the sun, warmer temperatures, and longer days, are you feeling energized to get back to your workout routine? Or are you finding it hard to muster up your fitness motivation after a winter lull?

No matter which category you find yourself in, here are our top tips to spring into action this season to achieve your goals.

1. Be Realistic
The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable. For instance, telling yourself you’re going to box every morning at Title Boxing Club Birmingham when you’re not a morning person is setting yourself up to fail. Instead, strive for an attainable goal, such as scheduling a boxing workout at a time of the day when you feel ready to go!

2. Track Your Progress
Keep track of every small success! Progress is progress, no matter how small. Every small fitness accomplishment you acknowledge will help keep you motivated, whether it’s nailing the jab or feeling more comfortable with footwork around the heavy bag. If your main goal is to hit an 8-punch boxing combination, but you know you get frustrated in class and aren’t quite there yet, set smaller goals to build your way up to it. Start small by shadowboxing in front of the mirror practicing 2-punch combinations. Once you’re consistently hitting 2-punch combinations with confidence, celebrate and add on a punch. Repeat until you’re at your main goal of the 8-punch combination.

Check out our Boxing Basics: PUNCH HARD with Maximum Power video to get you started:

3. Stick To It
Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and 6 months for it to become part of your lifestyle. The overwhelming majority of our Title Boxing Club Birmingham members had never boxed before stepping foot into our club. No one is an expert in their first class…or even their 100th class. Be persistent and patient. You’ll notice yourself getting better every class, and as we like to say in the boxing world, “you’ll be hooked.”

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