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Let’s make it happen together at TITLE Boxing Club Boston Assembly Row. We welcome boxers of all fitness levels and are in your corner to make your first class experience easy and fun.

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Title Boxing Assembly Row’s staff of trainers does an outstanding job of motivating and inspiring its members. Each class is challenging, fun, and a huge confidence builder. Every trainer on staff brings something different to the table and all are very motivational, knowledgeable, professional and make every class fun! -Joe…

Joe P

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It’s easy to get caught up in the intensity of a TITLE Boxing Club workout, often neglecting the mind-body connection. However, by incorporating mindful movement and meditation into your routine, you can elevate your training experience to a whole new level. Start by setting aside a few moments before your TITLE Boxing Club class to […]

The Mental Health Magic of Boxing Fitness

In the fast-paced chaos of daily life, stress can feel like an opponent that’s always ready for a round. Enter TITLE Boxing Club , where the mental health benefits of our boxing fitness workouts go beyond just physical gains. Strap on your gloves and step up to the heavy bag – let’s explore how TITLE […]