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Oct 18, 2018

Alehkya’s Success Story

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Alehkya’s Success Story - BurlingtonTITLE Boxing Club Burlington, MA wants to highlight the success of our member, Alehkya. Alehkya joined TITLE Boxing Club in September. After taking classes at both our Woburn and Burlington, MA locations, Alehkya has lost 19 pounds over the last 6 weeks, and she says that she feels stronger than ever. Way to go, Alehkya!

Alehkya is a great example of what it means to be a member of the TITLE family. At TITLE Boxing Club Burlington, MA, we don’t just offer a local boxing gym; we offer a supportive community of members who push themselves to the limits. From the warm ups to the final round, our members throw everything they have at the heavy bag, pushing past fatigue and weakness to achieve their inner greatness. Our boxing, kickboxing, cardio, and HIIT classes help them to transform their minds and challenge their bodies while our fitness trainers push them to go beyond what they thought possible. With specialties in different techniques such as kickboxing for fitness, boxing, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu, our trainers incorporate different workout techniques into each class  – offering the exciting, dynamic, full-body workouts that our members love.

Everytime you come to TITLE Boxing Club Burlington, MA, you have the opportunity to burn 100 calories per workout while building muscle and sculpting the way you look and feel. Through our boxing through fitness classes, you will feel inspired to become the champion of your life.

If you don’t have time to come to a class, we have a fitness gym where our members have access to free weights, kettlebells, punching bags, and our trainers. With our boxing club, you are sure to experience the benefits of stronger muscles, more calories burned, better workout swag, increased confidence, and more energy.

Are you interested in becoming a member at TITLE Boxing Club Burlington, MA? Call 844-317-9464 today or sign up for a class online!

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