Kelsey Eastman

The following story is from TITLE Boxing Club – East Nashville member, Kelsey Eastman:

“Boxing has always been something that I was interested in trying. When my friend and I heard that they opened a TITLE Boxing in East Nashville, we jumped at the chance to check it out. I remember first walking into the gym and being nervous as can be because I had no idea what I was doing! My first impression when I walked in was encouraging—the staff was super friendly, warm and welcoming. I am pretty sure that it was a random class that Tyler Thompson was leading. I enjoyed his energy and his passion for teaching. During the class I remember thinking I may possibly die, pass out, or not be able to move again. At that point, I had not done a single workout in at least a year. After the class, Tyler Thompson came up to me and my friend and told us how great we did and then introduced himself as the owner of the gym. Feeling energized and empowered, my friend and I signed up for a second class that day. From the moment I walked in the doors of TITLE East in February of 2017 to this day I have felt like it’s a family. Fast forward to May of 2017. I sat down with Jarrod Houston to go over my goals and talk about personal training. I wasn’t fully on board, but I knew that I was at the point where I had to do more than just classes. We chatted, and he got to know me a little better, and said that Sarah London would be a perfect match for me. I remember being nervous once again because Sarah is energetic and bubbly and I am calm, low key, and still felt like I wasn’t very far in the journey of getting in shape.

kels1We started doing session two times a week. I remember when I started I couldn’t even do a tricep dip and I could barely squat with a 20lb kettlebell. When I first started working with Sarah, I was over 200lbs and had zero confidence in myself. I was used to being fit and had been physically active for majority of my life through sports. I realized that I had just let myself go. It was time to stop making excuses, start working on myself, and the best way to do that was to get healthy and stay healthy. Sarah and I have been training together since May of 2017 anywhere from 1-2 a week, she has pushed me to go further than I could and has put up with anything I throw her way. I now use 50lb kettlebells, and squatted 135lbs, I would say that progress has been made, and I can’t wait for it to continue.

kels3I was going to class at least 2x a week and started to find a passion for wanting to get better at boxing. I want to say August or so of 2017 I added Tyler Dempsey to the mix of my trainers. I liked his style and his way of motivating members. I wanted to learn more about boxing, so we started to do one-on-one mitt work and endurance training. Between the two trainers, I get my strength and conditioning and mitt work and endurance. I would say as of right now, I am in the best shape that I have been in within the past six years. If I didn’t walk into Title back in February I am not sure where I would be. It has changed my life mentally, physically and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at right now. I am nowhere close to where I want to be, but my two trainers push me to be better, and the classes help motivate me to be better than the class before.


This picture that I have attached is left side April 2017 and the right is November 2017.

I am excited to see what the next seven months at TITLE and with my trainers are going to bring. Investing in TITLE and myself has been the best decision I could have made in 2017.. Stay tuned for more progress 😉

Thanks for letting me share my story, I hope that it could at least inspire one person in their health journey.”