Apryl came to us in September of 2019.  When she first reached out to us, she had been at a “regular” gym for 8 years and invested in personal trainers in hopes of meeting her fitness goals, but lost motivation because she wasn’t provided the encouragement she needed to get excited about her sessions.  She and her husband, Luke had boxed before and when they discovered that TITLE Elmhurst was open, she reached out to meet us.  When she came to take a peek at the club, she was overwhelmed with the friendliness and genuine interest the staff had in her fitness journey.  She and her husband, Luke joined and after a few classes, Apryl decided that personal training sessions would be a great addition to boxing classes and help her achieve her goals sooner.  Coach Ashley changed Apryl’s entire perspective on workouts – she looked forward to classes with all of our trainers and sessions with Ashley and has built up the endurance and strength to take class 3 or more times a week (she finished the 20 classes in 30 day challenge in 24 days!).  Ashley has held her accountable by teaching and motivating her to develop the right habits.  Every member of the TITLE Elmhurst team has been a cheerleader for Apryl and she looks forward to continuing to crush her goals in 2020!