Title Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club

Ice Blocks

1610 R Street Suite 135, Sacramento, California 95811 (916) 329-8803

1610 R Street Suite 135, Sacramento, California 95811 (916) 329-8803



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I loved every second of it, it was hard, but I loved it and I couldn’t leave without joining.  … Read More

Loyalty Beyond the Bag

With a Net Promoter Score of 87%, our members are happy to recommend us to others.

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While our clubs across the country have been busy building your strength and confidence, we’ve also been spotted on the news, in magazines and online – and people can’t seem to get enough of our growing brand! Check it out for yourself!

Our Club Leadership

TBC Ice Blocks Owners Blake and Jennifer Kidwell

At TITLE Boxing Club Ice Blocks, we pride ourselves on being a boxing club where people of all bodies, all weights, and all abilities are welcome. Whether you’re a stressed-out mom or an average Joe, our club leaders are here to give you the best workout in Sacramento, CA. Our goal is to provide a place where you can feel empowered in a supportive, encouraging community. There’s something magical about hitting the heavy bag – you feel unstoppable, and we want our members to experience that feeling.

Our Boxing Club Leadership

The club leadership of TITLE Boxing Club Ice Blocks focuses on offering the best workout in Sacramento, CA, day in and day out. We love our members and the community they’ve helped us build, and we’re here to make TITLE better for them each and every day. Our goal is to provide a place where people of all ages, all bodies, all weights, all abilities can experience the most empowering, exhilarating, and addictive workout of their life while enjoying a supportive, encouraging community. Owner Blake Kidwell says, “It’s the most fun, highest energy one-hour experience I have had in my life. It’s for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, children, elderly people, people with different fitness goals.”

From the moment class begins, we help you challenge yourself to hit the bag and fight through your personal challenges. We encourage this by providing you with a full-body workout that incorporates the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, and core. Each workout begins with the warmups – a HIIT workout that combines trainer-led boxing with cardio drills and stretches. This gets your heart pumping and your mind ready for the next phase of your boxing class – the rounds. During the rounds, your trainer will lead you through a series of jab, hook, and cross combinations where you’ll lay it all on the heavy bag for three minutes; then, you’ll rest for a minute before jumping into the next round. Once you’ve finished the rounds, our TITLE trainers will lead you through an ab workout where you’ll use weighted medicine balls to define your core.

The trainers even go a step further to offer one on one private training sessions. During these sessions, our experienced trainers will not intimidate, but inspire you to become the champion of your life. They will push you to your limits by challenging you to fight through mental roadblocks and push you through the fatigue that you face.

Join Our TITLE Fam!

The 5th TITLE Boxing Club franchise in California, TITLE Boxing Club Ice Blocks is located in the Ice Blocks downtown development in Sacramento, CA. Are you ready to hit the heavy bag? Make TITLE Boxing Club Ice Blocks your new boxing club today by calling 916-329-8803 or signing up online! We can’t wait to help you on your journey to health!

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