Before and After

I started boxing this past summer. I had this sporadic revelation as I was struggling along trying to find a way out of what felt like quicksand. You know, the stuff that pulls you down further the more you struggle. Depression, anxiety, trying to heal myself from life traumas and everyday stressors like bills and work and teenage daughters. Lots of them, daughters that is, and all of their stresses too. And one day after I had tried antidepressants and anxiety meds, empty bottles of wine. After I had walked out of other gyms because I couldn’t stand one more minute on the elliptical or focus on what rep of I was doing. One day I just wanted to scream, to punch something. 

I realized I needed to fight. For myself, my well-being. So I went to a class at Title. I was a little scared, a little intimidated but I made it and was immediately hooked. I lost weight, I felt stronger, and the dark cloud of depression broke and I saw light for the first time in a long time. 

Punching that bag got me out of my head. And then I took my daughter. And my other daughter and any one of them that would go. 

Why? Because it’s empowering

I turn my brain off and take myself to a primal level. And there, in class, I fight against the things that everywhere else I push down, avoid, have nightmares about. I yell my battle cry, I punch that bag, and I take my power back. 

It has given me not just a “safe” place but a strong place. So when life throws a punch- when it literally knocks the breath right out of me. I stop and I imagine I’m punching. I am fighting back. Fighting for everything that is important to me. And I will never, ever stop. 

MC, faithful Title Boxing Club Dayton member