Carol, a Breast Cancer Surviver, uses TITLE’s workout hitting the heavy bag as a way to control the fear of a cancer recurrence. At age 55, she has attended over 850 classes, and lost 40 LBS at since when starting her journey at TITLE Boxing Club.

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, how do you feel TITLE helped with your recovery physically, emotionally and mentally?

TITLE  helped me get my mind straight. Breast cancer survivors often fear the recurrence of cancer but you can’t live your life in fear. When those thoughts come in to my head I hit that bag so hard to kick cancer in the ass. All the positivity brought on by the trainers and the focus on goals keeps me grounded.

What made you take a chance to try TITLE?

What made me even try TITLE was a small bag on a stand at my previous workout place. I loved hitting that bag but the stand would almost topple over. My friends liked it too so we thought why not try actual bags.

You lost 35 pounds after doing the “Summer Slim Down Challenge” and have kept it off  – we’re so proud of you! What keeps you motivated to keep coming back to classes and continue your health journey? 

I keep coming back because Tate really helped me realize this is a lifestyle change. Why put in all that work and then go back to  crappy habits? I had worked hard to drink water every day and give up soda. It has made me feel so much better and keeping on the good nutrition bandwagon will help me fight recurrence. My goal is 90% clean eating. You need a treat now and then but this seems to really work.

If you could go back and tell yourself something before your very first class, what would you say?

Looking back, TITLE Boxing Club is for everyone. Young, old, super fit, not so fit. Just do it. I had some fears of looking dumb or being the oldest person in the class, but that is not the case at TITLE.