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Feb 6, 2020

February Member of the Month – Lucinda Bowen

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“As a 41 year old mother of two I didn’t know how much I liked to hit things. Boxing has been one of my healthiest habits in a tumultuous year in which I went back to school, switched careers, and lost a family member. Through it all, TITLE Boxing Club Littleton has been a source of strength and inspiration. My favorite class is 8 am on Saturdays with Zach. He is supportive, challenging, always trying to improve, and cares about connecting with everyone. At the end of every class I feel centered, powerful, energized and super sweaty!! I love the way boxing has improved my mental and physical health, built my endurance, given me a place to work out emotions, and helped my biceps come out of hiding. I fiercely protect my boxing time – it is always one of the best parts of my week!”

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