Amanda Light

Six weeks ago I joined @titleboxingclub_littleton because @mar_illustrates encouraged me! I posted to my Instagram stories on my second 6am class that week because Wow, I do not like getting up early. My friend @ashaisnow replied saying “So proud of how much you show up for you ♥️” and I think I made some joke about being sweaty and sort of fluffed it off because I guess I didn’t think I was worthy of that compliment. Narrator: She was worthy of that compliment.

I spent a great deal of the past year and a half, in some manner of funk because of all the things, and was very sporadic about getting workouts and movement in. I woke up one day and thought, I need to get back into it, like regularly, because I’m always glad when I do. Yeah, I’m rusty with things like planks and burpees. Yeah, learning new things (boxing) can be hard and sometimes frustrating but on the other hand, I have a renewed motivation, and learning new things can be fun, too!

All this to say that you can show up for yourself again, even if things get funky for a while, or if you’ve been out of practice, whether it’s boxing or your art or writing or whatever it is that feels important to you. It’s not too late. You can always start again. I’ll be here cheerleading you along the way like others do for me!