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Jul 2, 2018

Success Story | Jim Berthold

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Jim Berthold, member of TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, MA has been a great asset to our family since November. After coming into the club for a birthday party, he decided that our fitness studio was something he could enjoy and release the weeks’ stresses. Not realizing that our workouts incorporated boxing, kickboxing, cardio, abs, and strength techniques, Jim was surprised at the full body workout that he received from his first class. Here at TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, we focus on providing every member with a group fitness class that not only motivates them, but also pushes them to work harder and to challenge their body.

Jim is the perfect example of someone who has been active for many years, and has suffered from the aftermath of what running can do to the body. He needed another routine and that is when he found TITLE Boxing Club. At the Littleton, MA location we also pride ourselves in our coaching ability and the family environment that we provide. Coming into the studio should not be a chore, but more less an opportunity to surround yourself with a group of people that are all working to achieve a common goal. Jim is a great fit and addition to this type of community feel. Here is what Jim has to say about his experience:

“I have always been extremely active and was an avid runner for many years.  Eventually the running took its toll on my knees which left me looking for something to do that provided a great overall workout without the impact.  Last year I took my kids to a birthday party at TITLE and at the very last minute decided to run home and change so I could also join the class. I absolutely loved the workout and was exhausted afterwards.  All the kids at the party looked at me oddly as I was completely soaked with sweat. I never had done any kind of boxing or kickboxing and didn’t realize how much fun it was unleashing all your energy on a heavy bag. I decided to sign up for a few more classes and then joined TITLE as a member in November. One hundred classes and a pair of worn out gloves later I am still having a great time and am just as tired at the end of each class as I was after the first. The mix of the upper/lower body workout, cardio and core exercises have definitely made me stronger.   

A huge thanks to the awesome staff at TITLE who are always there to greet you with a smile and motivate you to push yourself to your limits!”


Thank you Jim for having a great attitude day in and day out! Continue to push yourself and TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, MA will be here to support you!

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