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Nov 1, 2017

Member Spotlight – Michelle McGough

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Name: Michelle McGough

Age: 30

Occupation: Nanny

Length of membership: 10 Months

Why Michelle joined:

“I joined so I could become stronger, more confident, and to lose weight! I wanted that time to literally focus on myself. Before joining I was fighting with depression and I can happily say that I felt the best I ever have, and I strongly believe that “hitting the bag” has helped me fight those feelings.”

What do you like about TITLE Boxing Club Loudoun Station:

“What’s not to love? It’s a full body workout in a class setting where I can “fight” with my peers and my teacher. I love that on my very first class at 6 AM with Nick, he helped me and cheered me on! I also love that my fellow boxers in the class also became my cheerleaders and teachers! I’ve never felt ashamed in my ability because of the open feeling the club has!”

Advice for future members:

“My #1 piece of advice that I have is to not give up, and if you do take a break for whatever reason just come back and start over. Life happens, but it’s what you do after things calm down again. Trust me I have earned through sweat and tears my almost 50 lbs of weight loss, by falling down and continuing to get back up again. You can do it too!”

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