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Sep 6, 2019

Member Of the Month Spotlight: September 2019 – Rob Mirabal

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I’ve always loved boxing- the training, the conditioning, the discipline. TITLE BOXING has incorporated these components, while emphasizing personal sacrifices to achieve one’s full potentials. I have come to love the workouts- from the 60 minutes boxing class with Danny, to the MMA with Lauren, and the Warrior obstacle training class with Brian- they are all very challenging, but incredibly rewarding. You follow at your own pace. The front desk staff is great and friendly, and the trainers are full- fledged motivators. I’ve belonged to many gyms in the past, but TITLE is revolutionary when it comes to self defense skills and cardiovascular conditioning. As of today, I’ve lost approximately 25 pounds and have toned up. I’ve learned great fundamental boxing skills including the proper usage of jabs, crosses, lead hooks, rear hooks, upper cuts, slips and rolls. I still have a whole lot to achieve, as boxing is a unique  art, and training a lifelong journey. But my advice to anyone considering to join the TITLE BOXING family- is like the old NIKE motto: JUST DO IT. If you have a desire to get in shape, learn self defense skills, while sweating like a relentless rainstorm- in a positive environment, with great trainers and great fellow participants- then TITLE is it. One good incentive is that they offer a free trial class so you can try out a workout session and see if the getting back in shape fight is for you or not. Knock them out!

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