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Dec 1, 2016


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Back in April I took a trip to St. Thomas, a co-worker took a picture of me on a boat, when we got back he sent it to me; I was without a doubt out of shape.  I happened to be with another TITLE Boxing Club Nanuet member and he kept pushing me to take up boxing, something I had never done before.  I have trained in the past (running, P90X, etc.) but grew bored of those types of workouts.  I went for the intro class with my friend and Will was the instructor, this was in the beginning of July.  I remember Will going over punches with me, I didn’t know the difference between a cross, a hook or a jab, to say the least I was very green.  However, Will, one of the trainers, was patient with me and I got through the initial class, barely, but it was fun.  I signed up right then and there and pushed myself to get to the early classes (6:00 AM) on Tuesday and Thursday as well as the Saturday class at 9:30 AM.  Danny and Jay have been awesome, really pushing me to achieve my goals.  Every class is different which is why I continue to be engaged with the training.

Starting weight: 208 lbs.

Weight as of today: 172 lbs

TOTAL weight loss: 35lbs, 17% of total body weight

Target weight: Initially 175 lbs., but shooting for between 165 and 170 lbs

Biggest gains besides weight loss: Much more flexibility, better core and muscle development; boxing also made me eat much better overall

Best part of boxing: Besides the excellent trainers, every class is different

Freestyle combo: Jab, cross, hook, right uppercut

Punch that has improved the most: Hook, I love throwing the hook now, my technique was pitiful initially

Areas to still work on: Endurance, breathing, technique

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