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TITLE Boxing Club

Nashville Church St.

1906 Church St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203 615-942-5919

1906 Church St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203 615-942-5919



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Success Story: Rodney’s Story

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With a Net Promoter Score of 87%, our members are happy to recommend us to others.

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While our clubs across the country have been busy building your strength and confidence, we’ve also been spotted on the news, in magazines and online – and people can’t seem to get enough of our growing brand! Check it out for yourself!

Our Club Leadership

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At TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Church Street, we’re dedicated to providing the best boxing for fitness workouts in Nashville, TN. Our club leadership’s main focus is to provide our members with a fun, family  environment, while pushing them to achieve their goals. We not only specialize in group workouts, but private training as well. If you want more one-on-one interaction with our team, we have trainers that are happy to provide you with that experience. As a boxing studio located in the Nashville area, we pride ourselves in also having one of the best personal training programs that is personalized for each individual member. We care about our members, and our leadership team will always be available for them to connect with.

Our Boxing Club Leadership

The club leadership of TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Church Street focuses on giving the best workout in the city, day in and day out. We love our members and the community they’ve helped us build. We are here to make TITLE better each and every day for them. Our goal is to provide a place where people of all ages, all bodies, all weights, all abilities can experience the most empowering, exhilarating, and addictive workout of their life while enjoying a supportive, encouraging community. Tyler Thompson (owner of both TITLE Boxing Club Church St and TITLE Boxing Club East Nashville) says, “We opened TITLE to give Nashville a place where people are welcome and pushed to the limit, all while learning the sport we love.”

From the moment class begins, you will use the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, and core. Each workout begins with the warmups – an HIIT workout that combines trainer-led boxing with cardio drills and stretches. This gets your heart pumping and you mind ready for the next phase of your boxing class – the rounds. During the rounds, your trainer will lead you through a series of jab, hook, and cross combinations where you’ll lay it all on the heavy bag for three minutes; then, you’ll rest for a minute before jumping into the next round. Once you’ve finished the rounds, our TITLE trainers will lead you through an ab workout where you’ll use weighted medicine balls to define your core. Through every step of our boxing workout, you can feel empowered as you move closer to reaching your goals.

A new level of empowerment is here! As a boxing gym in Nashville, TN, TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Church Street offers full-body boxing workouts designed to engage you spirit and your body. Interested in making TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Church Street your new boxing gym or personal training studio? Call us at TBC Church Street: 615-942-5919 or sign up online!

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