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Dec 13, 2017

Hard Work Pays Off, Just Ask Ken!

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Ken joined TITLE Boxing Club North Andover in 2017 and has excelled from the start. Though he arrived at TITLE without any boxing experience, Ken quickly took to the coaching of our trainers and impressive results soon followed. Nothing but positive vibes, Ken is a constant source of great energy. The commitment and enthusiasm he brings to every workout inspires us all to be at our best.

“I love everything about it; it’s completely addictive. The trainers are so helpful, especially when you are just starting. They showed me the fundamentals behind the sport and I grew better with every workout. Now, when I hit a perfect combo, it awakens something inside of me that is indescribable. It’s changed me and it can change you!”


Most notably, Ken was a top competitor in our recent fitness challenge. By the end of the competition, Ken had dropped 30 lbs and shed 20 inches overall. He was an incredible teammate throughout the process and motivated others to always push forward. We are very lucky to have Ken as a member and look forward to seeing him achieve further success.