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August 19, 2022

Heavy Bag Workout Tips For Beginners

Did you know we average 3 first-time boxers in every TITLE Boxing Club Pensacola class? Whether you walk into our club never having boxed before or are an experienced boxer looking to polish your skills, our classes at TITLE Boxing Club Pensacola are designed for all fitness levels.

Here are four heavy bag workout tips for beginner boxers from TITLE Boxing Club Master Coach, Justin Blackwell to help you get the most out of our boxing classes:

1. Establish Your Stance
Typically, if you’re right-handed, your left side will be your lead side and the right side will be your rear side. It will be the opposite if you are left-handed. The foot of your lead side will always be the foot you have in front and your rear side will always be the foot you have in the back. Try out both stances and pick the one that feels the most natural to you.

2. Foot Placement Is Key
Your lead foot should be in line with the edge of the bag and your back toe should line up with the other side of the bag. This allows you to have both front and back balance and left and right balance. This will maximize your stability and power when throwing punches.

3. Pretend Your Bag Is A Real Opponent
Bags don’t punch back, but if you want to get the most out of your heavy bag workout, pretend that it can. Move around, target specific areas like the body or the head, and always defend yourself by keeping your hands up.

4. Don’t Hold Your Breath
Inhale when you pull your hand back and exhale when you punch. The sharper your breathing the more powerful your punches will be. Breathing also helps with your cardio stamina. When you learn to regulate your breathing, your lack of breathing won’t regulate you and you’ll be able to push yourself through each 3-minute round during class.

Book a class at TITLE Boxing Club Pensacola and begin your boxing journey today!