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The most effective, no-touch fitness experience. Just you, your gloves and the bag. We’re in your corner.


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Meet Your Trainers


Eric Wilkinson

Eric has been working as a Professional Boxing & Kickboxing Trainer and Coach. He has coached several National & State Champions, as well as Junior Olympic Gold medalists.

Coached Professional Heavyweight MMA fighter Jason Weiss, 2008 King of the Cage. He has been Featured as a top Fitness Professional by Cambridge Magazine.

He has been mentioned as Best Kickboxing Instructor as well as Personal Trainer by Real Detroit Magazine.

He himself has been a 2009 USA Boxing Lightweight National Champion.

He has been recognized as a Best Kickboxing Instructor by Nations Best Fitness Professionals, Top Personal Trainer by WDFN the Fan Sports Radio. 

He is a Registered Professional Boxer

Michigan Boxing Commission

Group Fitness Instruction

Multi Training Systems


American Red Cross

Certified Lifeguard

USA Lifeguard CPRO

Boxing & Kickboxing

USA Boxing Inc

Certified Paraprofessional

Michigan Department Of Education

Certified Group Power Instructor

Body Training Systems

Certified Personal Trainer

International Fitness Professionals Association

Registered Boxing Coach

USA Boxing Inc

Certified Rock Steady Parkinson’s Coach

Rock Steady Boxing

My personal mantra:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

My training style is:

My why:
To motivate others to become spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically fit. Love empowering people in the art of self-defense.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
Definitely my wife & 2 children.



I was 10 years old when I first began playing soccer in Honduras. From there, my passion for sports began to grow. I spent seven years training at the local gym only a couple blocks down from my house where I saw people boxing for the first time. My passion for boxing began at the place I spent much of my early years. I learned the basics of boxing and would show anyone willing to listen the intimate techniques. I have continued actively training to this day because it is something, I enjoy doing each and every single day. I have fun doing something I love to do.

My personal mantra:
Just bread you are strong enough to handle your challenges

My training style is:

My why:
I like doing sports and enjoy helping and motivate people to reach their goals.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
My Family



If you are thinking to yourself, “boxing, I know nothing about boxing. How could I possibly sign up to take a class I know nothing about?” Well, guess what. Speaking from personal experience, you are not alone. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life from sports to working out; for it has been a great way to clear my mind, feel empowered, and promote personal discipline.

For several years, I have focused my career path and academics pursuits as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), where I worked on a neurological, as well as orthopedic rehabilitation unit. As a PTA, I have spent the last 5 years by the side of each and every one of my patients helping them along their rehabilitation/recovery journey.  My interest in helping people was the reason I choose a career in healthcare. As life stresses can sometimes get the best of you, one day to relieve stress I attended a drop-in class at ‘Title Boxing Club’ and after I left; I was just speechless.

The workout was nothing I have ever done before.  The sense of release of negative energy hitting the heavy bag, the high energy motivation push from the instructor, and no hassling around with headphones was right up my alley. With that in mind, I sought out additional education to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine; as well as seeking one-on-one boxing training. Still thinking ‘Title Boxing Club’ may still be out of your comfort zone? That’s where I come in.

I understand that every client is different with different goals, medical histories, and knowledge base that I will take pride in explaining and breaking down the fundamentals of boxing, encouraging clients to take the instruct at your own pace, providing the accountability motivation that is needed, and suggesting modifications to adapt the work out to your fitness level to produce the results you are striving for.  If I am not working, I am taking a class at TITLE Boxing Club Rochester Hills.

The therapist in me makes me attentive to form and technique, so clients can have a safe and effective workout; while the cheerleader in me seeks to make it fun and efficient.  My fitness philosophy is “if it is not fun and you are not enjoying it – results will not happen!”  The ‘mind over miles’ mentally allowed me to leave self-doubt behind transforming me from a nonrunner to a full marathon finisher; so come take a class with me and lets’ make this fitness journey personal together.

My personal mantra:
Revive your light. Manifest your dreams. Realize your worth.

My training style is:

My why:
My interest in helping people is my “why”. In fitness, the path may be different to reach individual goals; but the results are the same - to celebrate accomplishments and personal achievements.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
For sure - the challenge. AT TITLE, it is intriguing to me that neither two clients nor two classes will be the same; which keeps me on my toes whether that is workout design, adjusting to different fitness levels, or accepting continuous learning opportunities. If I am not working and not spending time with friends and family; I am taking a class at TITLE Rochetser Hills.



Meet our Trainer Tyler. He’s a competing boxer with high energy levels that ensures your day is made by the time you leave our club. Boxing is his passionate pursuit and sport of choice. He has goals to pursue it to the highest levels and also has the motivation and determination to do so, and it’s infectious when he’s training your next class! You can expect Tyler’s classes to challenge you while making you smile, and to create a fun experience around the sweet science of boxing. As a competitive boxer, he wants everyone to unleash their inner beast and have a workout their passionate about. His goal is to motivate and positively impact people’s’ lives through the addictive fitness aspect of boxing. Tyler is fervent about introducing people to boxing and enjoys teaching newcomers of the workout, he’s not shy around strangers so expect a smile when you walk through the doors! Tyler’s favorite quote to use is, “Don’t wait for things to be perfect because they never will be, start now!

My personal mantra:
"Don't wait for things to be perfect because they never will be"

My training style is:
Energetic, Fun

My why:
Boxing is a tool to sharpen my motivation and determination both inside and outside of the ring. I want to give to people what boxing has given to me. I want to personally impact people's lives through the addictive fitness aspect of boxing. I love to see people unleash their inner beast and pursue a goal they're passionate about. I am fervent about introducing you to the sweet science of boxing, I'm not shy around strangers so expect a smile when you walk through Title's doors.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
I have goals to pursue boxing to the highest levels. The passion is where the challenge is. Being determined to reach my goals and sharing the importance of resilience in any situation is what makes me thankful for every day.



Abdylla started his long journey in boxing when he was 12 years old at the “Boxing Gloves” club located in Turkmenistan, Central Asia.  He was trained by Honored Boxing coaches like Aleksey Kalinin, Kemal Salihov and Viktor Maslov who raised and trained a number of boxing athletes that competed in Olympic games.  During the eight years of boxing training Abdylla participated in regional and national level boxing championships of Central Asia where he became middleweight national Champion of Turkmenistan. He stopped his boxing career when he was 20 years old but boxing always remained in his mind and spirit.

My personal mantra:
Fortune favors the brave.

My training style is:

My why:
I enjoy motivating and training others so they become fit physically, spiritually and mentally.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
My family, my experience in life, my dreams and goals.



He is a dynamic young professional, lifelong athlete and student of life. His warrior spirit compliment’s our team by providing not only a high level of skill surrounding the sport of boxing but a passion to be of service to others who are interested in walking the path of aligning with their higher self. The philosophy behind his teachings are centered around utilizing the physical form as a tool to strive for total human optimization. His classes offer an opportunity to sharpen your mental and physical abilities in the sport of boxing which are directly transferable to daily life. His authentic teaching style will challenge and motivate you to culminate your own inner warrior. The knowledge and skills gained through each class will aid in transforming your mind, body and spirit.

My personal mantra:
Live this life with gratitude, stay grounded, remain humble, strive for excellence and lead by example.

My training style is:

My why:
We each have the opportunity to utilize the physical form as a tool to strive for total human optimization. Strengthening the physical form is the initial steps necessary to lay the foundation to align with one's highest self. I believe that it is essential to be of service to others interested in walking the path and that while we are on this journey, we gain and share the knowledge necessary to evolve.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
My fighting spirit is inherent in my genetics. I am a warrior and student of life - utilizing each lesson to sharpen my personal and professional skills to ensure the success of myself and tribe alike. I am allowing my soul to light the path in search for truth, wisdom, strength and love.

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Feb 24, 2021



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I’ve heard the classes are intense; do I need to be in great shape to do the workouts?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in a while or have never boxed before, you can finish the workout feeling great! You’ll see that everyone goes at their own pace, but believe us that once you’re here, you’ll be inspired to give it your very best!

I don’t want to get hit; is this a contact workout?

No—not ever! Each person in class has their own heavy bag to workout on, plus their own space to move around the bag. Trust us, you won’t even realize anyone else is in the class because you’ll be so focused on the workout! And, rest easy, we never allow sparring or fighting at TITLE Boxing Club.

What makes TITLE different than other fitness studios?

Boxing is a great workout, perhaps one of the most challenging of all sports, and we want to bring you the intensity of the training, minus the impact. We’ll teach you how to roll with the punches by pushing you further than you thought possible.

I’m new to boxing; will someone show me the basics?

You bet! All of our classes are taught by instructors who will show you the ropes from the beginning. We’ll help you wrap your hands and walk you through the basic fundamentals. Everyone in class is at a different level, so take a deep breath and go at your own pace!