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Nov 3, 2019

Member of the Month

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Lance joined TITLE Boxing Club four years ago after his son, Peter, brought him to a class.  Lance’s wife supported and encouraged him to continue attending classes.  After Lance retired from a sit down desk job that he had held for 35 years, he had a hard time finding a way to stay active.  Lance’s commitment to showing up for class improved his health so much that he has had to to go down several belt loop sizes.  As a constant reminder of his amazing progress, Lance still wears the belt that he had when he started.  Each time he loses an inch, he drills a new hole in the belt.  After four years that have held many happy and sad life changes, Lance continues to be a loyal member.  Look for Lance, who is always wearing a color coordinated bandanna that matches his shirt, at our State Line club.

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Member of the Month