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Jan 3, 2019

Jeannine’s Success Story

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title boxing club danvers, ma jeannineTITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA isn’t just a boxing gym – it’s a lifestyle. Our members approach their boxing combinations with determination and persistence, hitting the heavy bag and finding their inner strength. With jab, cross, hook combinations and cardio training, our members transform their bodies, build their strength, and boost their confidence. Whatever life throws at them, our TITLE Boxing Club members in Danvers, MA have the grit they need to conquer it each challenge.

We have some strong people here at TITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA.  Some tough people – we even have some survivors. Our Jeannine is all of those and more! Please take a moment to read Jeannine’s story. She’s an amazing person with drive, motivation, and the desire to get stronger each and every day.

I joined Title Boxing 5 years ago, and loved it from day 1. Boxing has always been one of my favorite workouts, and when Title Danvers opened it was perfect. I met Kenny and Joe, told them what my goals were, and they said – you’re going to come here 3x a week, and work hard, and you’ll get the results. And I did! I also run a lot, usually organizing a group run or getting a group to sign up for a local race, and in turn done many road races, Spartan races, and mud runs with my Title family.

2 years ago I found out I had breast cancer, and had surgery within a month. Since then, I’ve had 5 other reconstructive related surgeries. For someone super active like me, this was a huge adjustment for my life. Because of the members at Title, there was a meal train, they came to my 5am comeback class, walked with me in the cold, visited in the hospital and home, sat with me at chemo, buzzed my hair (Caitlin) and kept me going when it was really tough.Everyone at Title stood right behind me the whole way through this process, which is still ongoing.None of this stopped me, it just slowed me down. I boxed and ran throughout this whole process around surgeries, etc.. 5am might not be for you, but if it is, say hello! You may catch me randomly at night there.

When I came back to Title, I saw little pink gloves on the top of my bag. Kenny put those there the day I put my membership on hold. He never said anything, he just put them up. The bags have changed, the little gloves have been replaced with newer ones, but, this is my bag, at 5am. Every time I see those gloves it gives my heart a tug. This is where I pound out the day, hook till I have nothing left, and stand strong. The 5am’ers now help me get back in my routine with texts that say WAKE UP and tell me I better be there, and they save my bag for me. The trainers at Title really have your back. Kenny, Anthony and Stacey have helped tremendously with workouts to get me stronger, and recover fully. The support from Andrew, Laura, Joe, Brian, all of them, is amazing.

So come to Title. This is where I come to give everything I’ve got for an hour. Give it a shot. I tell everyone, you can’t have a bad day after hitting the bag. Try a class. Try personal training. Do some work in the ring. Title Boxing, for me, is more than just a club. It’s a Title Family. Keep fighting.


Smashing bags at the 5am boxing class, running road races, working full-time, taking photography jobs, buying a home and renovating it…..Jeannine how do you do it? Along with multiple surgeries, recovery time and working your way back into your full routine again and again. We are so proud of you. You are a true inspiration to us, and you are TITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA through and through.

heavy bags

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