Before and After

At TITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA, we utilize a boxer’s workout/techniques and incorporate those into a group fitness class. The workout will strengthen your core, tone your arms, and sculpt your muscles. We pride ourselves in helping our members accomplish their goals in a supportive environment. We have decided to take boxing out of the ring and bring kickboxing and boxing into a motivational environment that will help you reach all of your boxing for fitness goals. 

TITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA  is shining the light this month on Marc O! Marc has been a great asset to our TITLE Boxing Club family here in Danvers, MA, and we want to share more about the success that he has had here in the club. Marc is a dedicated member who spends hours with us, working on his body and on building confidence. Our boxing, kickboxing, cardio and HIIT classes have helped him transform his mind and challenge his body. Here is more of his story: 

6 weeks ago I took on a challenge I never thought I could ever get through. 6 weeks later and 33 lbs lighter, I’m glad I did. If you think it can’t be done, believe me it can! Big shout out to Anthony Day and TITLE Boxing Club Danvers for getting me to this point. Anthony is an amazing trainer who will push you past limits you never dreamed you could reach. TITLE Boxing Club in Danvers is like no other workout you will ever experience. They truly treat you like family.

Marc is a great example of what it means to be TITLE strong. His hard work and persistence have helped him to stay active and fight – both in life and during his boxing workouts. At TITLE Boxing Club Danvers, MA, we’re extremely proud of him for staying strong and braving each challenge that comes his way.