At TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, we utilize a boxer’s workout/techniques and incorporate those into a group fitness class. The workout will strengthen your core, tone your arms, and sculpt your muscles. We pride ourselves in helping our members accomplish their goals in a supportive environment. We have decided to take boxing out of the ring and bring kickboxing and boxing into a motivational environment that will help you reach all of your boxing for fitness goals.

Lisa Taylor, member of TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, has had succeeded in a boxing fitness club that pushes her to her limits. She has felt empowered with a boxing gym that has pushed her to reach her goals. Hitting the heavy bag in our boxing fitness classes in Franklin, TN has improved her technique, and we have all watched the transformation her body has undergone. Here is what Lisa has to say about her experience:

Before coming to TITLE, I was mentally in a bad place. My perspective on my self-worth was solely based on the numbers that I would read on the scale or the size of my clothes. For a little over a year, I could not remember a time where I was truly happy with how I looked because my only thoughts were negative. What made it worse was feeling as though there was no hope. Diets, supplements, gym memberships, none of them were making me feel good, and it all felt more like a chore rather than time to myself.

I started going to TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs with a friend, and it really was love at first punch. CHEESY, but so real. I felt like an athlete again, which is a feeling that you miss when you have played competitive sports you’re whole life. Not only was my first class amazing and empowering (which is something I desperately needed), but the staff was SO friendly and encouraging. I realized that this was different. This wasn’t your average gym. This was a place to be the best that you could be and trainers would remember your name because they care.

After getting a membership, I also started focusing more on my diet. Their trainers really helped me with nutrition and got me on track. They really helped me change my relationship and perspective with food. Before this, I either saw food as a crutch or something that I had to deprive myself of. But I now have learned how to be healthy and really understand the importance of taking care of my body. God made us all in a unique way, and that’s something to really embrace. Thanks to TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, I am able to embrace my body for the first time in YEARS, and I have confidence that glows from within.


tbc cool springs member lisa


This member has used our boxing for fitness workouts to transform her body, and we are extremely proud of the progress that she has made. Thank you, Lisa, for being part of our TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs family!