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Aug 14, 2018

Samantha’s Success Story

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Samantha and TBC Cool Springs

TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, TN wants to to give a special shout out to Samantha Klika! After moving to Nashville a year ago, Samantha discovered TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, TN, and she’s been hooked ever since. TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, TN is a boxing for fitness gym where community and health come together to motivate members to reach their goals. Our goal is to use the boxing workout to make an exciting yet challenging fitness workout for individuals in Franklin, TN.

Our workouts begin with the warm ups – a series of cardio drills, stretches, and shadow-boxing techniques designed to get your heart pumping. Then, our trainers lead you in the rounds, active rest, and core & cool down. The trainers at our club with push you to your limits by challenging you to fight through mental roadblocks and realize what you’re capable of. Here’s what Samantha has to say about her experience at TITLE:

Almost 1 year ago I moved to Nashville and had no idea how I was going to do 680 miles from home. Was I going to do okay? Would I make it out here on my own? In the past year, I’ve had struggles, breakdowns and lots of tears; but I also found some great friends, had amazing opportunities, and most importantly, I have found the confidence I was lacking by coming across TITLE Boxing Club Cool Springs.

Samantha's SuccessI had the opportunity to participate in TITLE Cool Springs’ 1st boxing marathon class which consisted for 26 rounds of boxing (a normal class is 8 rounds), warm ups, and core. The whole class lasted a full two hours. This marathon not only pushed me to train harder, but opened my eyes to what I am capable of. From the awesome trainers (good) yelling at me to meeting like-minded people who all share a common excitement for punching things, I have truly found my place with TITLE! I love coming to class and finding new sides of me that contain more strength and more confidence!

Today, I still am not quite where I’d like to be, but that’s okay. I see myself as a strong and independent individual who has witnessed my own power, and that makes me even more determined to keep going. I’m so glad I decided to venture out on my own, but even more proud that I took this opportunity to join TITLE and learn more about myself and what I am capable of!

TITLE, thank you so much for always being a welcoming place. I love coming to class and the trainers are so encouraging! TITLE Cool Springs is the best! This is only the beginning!


Samantha, we’re glad to have you as a member of TITLE Boxing Club Franklin Cool Springs, TN! We look forward to continuing to help you reach your goals.

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