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Apr 2, 2018

Flavio Zelada Success Story – Hard Work Pays Off!

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We are proud to present our March Member Of the Month! Flavio “Superman” Zelada joined the Club in March of 2017,  looking to improve his skills, fitness and health. He promptly signed up for our March Madness competition. Although he didn’t win back then , he was not discouraged and worked very hard, coming to early morning classes before school, and sometimes twice a day.  He often walked to the club, when he didn’t have a ride. Six months later he was signing our ‘Brag Bag’, after losing over 50 pounds and converting some of his extra pounds to lean muscle. This year he was one of the first members to sign up for our 2nd Annual March Madness Members Challenge and this time he prevailed, crushing it in push-up, bear/crab crawl, tire flip and wall sit rounds to earn the Champion Belt and a badly needed pair of gloves!! Congrats to our hard working member Flavio! Our whole TITLE family is proud of your success and dedication! Your journey is not over. Keep hitting it hard!  

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