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Jan 19, 2018

Incredible Transformation of Blimy!

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Blimy has been one of our core members for some time now. She practically lives at the club, spending  6 or 7 days at the Club. If she is not taking a class or training with Coach Danny, she is on a treadmill, or doing some of the body weight exercise circuits. She made an amazing progress, but was not an easy journey. But..it was definitely worth it, and its still in progress! Here is Blimy’s story:



It all started when I stepped on the scale mid December 2016, and realized that I was going to hit 190 pounds within a matter of days. I’ve been struggling with weight loss all my life and was close to giving up. I didn’t really believe that that signing up at TITLE Boxing Club Nanuet would help me lose a significant amount of weight, but I needed to do something or else I was just going to keep gaining weight. I was tired of feeling lazy and exhausted all the time.  I’d wake up every morning and change my clothes 5 or 6 times because nothing looked good. I didn’t like the way I felt or looked, so I avoided pictures for the most part.

If I was in a picture I’d usually find a way to hide half my body behind the other person so I didn’t look as fat. Haha, funny now, but wasn’t so funny then.

Within the first couple of months at TITLE, I lost some weight, but wasn’t very serious about my food choices which slowed my progress down. In addition to group classes, I started training one-on-one with Coach Danny in August 2017. He introduced me to my fitness pal, set my calorie intake, including carbs, protein and fats. He really encouraged and motivated me to set goals and reach them. Since then, I’ve been consistent with my food intake and haven’t missed a day of working out. I can honestly say that I absolutely love working out at TITLE Boxing Club. All the trainers are amazing and a true inspiration to me. They make working out a fun experience, but still challenging. When I finish a boxing class, I feel energized, satisfied, and all my work stress goes out the door.

Since Aug 2017, I’ve lost 26 pounds and counting. I’ve set my next goal and can’t wait to get there. I’m currently in the best shape I’ve been in years. No more changing clothes a million times every morning, I have so much more energy, I can run around and play sports with my kids without feeling like I’m going to pass out. Overall, I feel a lot healthier and happier with every day life.

I would recommend TITLE Boxing Club Nanuet to anyone, especially people who need that extra encouragement and motivation to achieve their fitness goals.

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