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Feb 20, 2017

The Incredible Transformation of Mara

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Mara is one of the most dedicated members at TITLE. She comes often and always gives it a 110%. While she was not overweight when she joined the club, she has made an amazing transformation and into a leaner, fitter, and healthier young lady. We are so proud of her. Here is Mara’s story:

Despite being active all of my life, I was never completely satisfied with my appearance. I struggled with being self conscious, and maintaining consistent eating habits. I felt as though I was on a rollercoaster, having some days where I felt good about the way I looked, and then days where my confidence plummeted. This all began to change on May 1, 2014 when I tried one of Danny’s boxing classes with one of my friends and joined the TITLE Boxing Club family. I walked out of that first class feeling more amazing and accomplished than any other workout I had done.

From that day forward I had a completely new outlook on how to make myself look and feel better. I started going to Title three to five times a week and was making sure I portion controlled everything I ate. The intense workouts motivated me to eat healthier because I did not want to backtrack on any progress I had made. It didn’t take long for this to become a habitual process. Of course there were bumps along the way and times where I was tempted to veer from this new lifestyle, but I always managed to maneuver my way back.

Working out at Title has not only changed me physically, but mentally as well. I know that spending an hour with that heavy bag will allow me to release all of my stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Since starting at TITLE over three years ago, I have lost a total of 25 pounds and gained a newfound sense of satisfaction, pride, and self confidence. No matter how tired or lazy I am feeling I always find a way to get myself to a class because I know that I will always feel better after going.

My current goal is to maintain my healthy eating habits, while building even more muscle and definition. I have also decided to sign up for the Spartan Race with TITLE in May, and am hoping to participate in a Tough Mudder by the end of the summer. By participating in these types of races and maintaining my schedule of classes at TITLE, I know I will continue on the healthy path that I am on.

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