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Jun 14, 2019

TITLE Success Story | Anabel

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TITLE Boxing Club North Andover, MA  is shining the light this month on Anabel! Anabel has been a great asset to our TITLE Boxing Club family here in North Andover, MA, and we want to share more about the success that she has had here in the club. Anabel is a dedicated member who has been working with one of our trainers, Abby, to challenge her body and build her confidence. After finding the courage to attend her first TITLE class, Anabel came to TITLE Boxing Club North Andover, MA, and she’s been a dedicated member ever since. From the warm up to cool down & core, Anabel pushes herself to reach her goals. Over the past 6 weeks, Anabel has pushed herself through a workout, nutrition and accountability challenge

At TITLE, our trainers are dedicated to empowering members to becoming the champions of their life. They teach boxing, kickboxing, and MMA techniques that help members to reach the next level and accelerate their results. By utilizing a boxer’s workout, members have the ability to burn up to 1000 calories per workout, helping to lose weight along with building muscle and sculpting the way they look and feel. Lifting weights is great, but we want our members to also lift themselves, gaining confidence each day. Here is more of what Anabel has to say about her experience with TITLE Boxing Club North Andover, MA


The 6 week challenge was exactly what I needed. After having my son and taking almost a year off from the gym, getting back to working out was hard. Harder than I thought, I no longer had the drive I once had. But keeping in contact and seeing when other members of the challenge were checking in to the gym motivated me to not fall behind! Also, having a trainer who will hold you accountable and be there to help me along the
way especially when I encountered a few hiccups or made mistakes with my nutrition was major! So glad I participated in the challenge. I am now looking at it as a way to kickstart my healthy lifestyle.


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