Man punching a heavy bag at TITLE Boxing Club
October 13, 2021

How Effective Is Boxing Training at TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central for Weight Loss?

So, you’re embarking on your health journey but you want it to be fun and enjoyable. TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central is the place for you! We’re answering all of your questions about boxing for weight loss:

Is Boxing Good for Weight Loss?
The short answer is YES! TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central offers exhilarating, high-intensity workouts that burn calories and sculpt your body at the same time. Our classes target all areas to give you a true, full-body workout.

Kickboxing VS Boxing for Weight Loss
You want to get the best results possible for your body, so let’s break down the changes you’ll start to see in your body when you take TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central boxing classes versus kickboxing classes.

The main difference between boxing and kickboxing is that kickboxing incorporates striking motions with the legs as well as the arms. Our kickboxing classes are focused on the arms, legs, glutes, core, and calves while adding an extra layer of intensity to our signature boxing classes. You’ll burn calories through high-intensity interval training and resistance of the 100-pound bag. Boxing bag workouts for weight loss are very helpful!

On the other hand, our boxing classes offer strength and cardio-based workouts all in one. You’ll experience caloric burn and the “afterburn” even when class is over. Bottom line? They are both incredible workouts for shedding weight and toning your body! Try a class at our boxing gym in Oakland, CA.

So, why do boxing bag workouts for weight loss work? Check out the top three ways boxing helps you lose weight fast:

1. Our Classes Our Calorie Crushers
Boxing and Kickboxing are high-impact cardio workouts that offer significant caloric burn. When compared to other cardio staples such as walking, jogging, and running, the calories burned by a session of boxing trumps them all. Burning calories and experiencing caloric burn even after your class is finished is an extremely efficient way to lose weight at a faster pace!

2. Our Classes Work the Entire Body
Most workouts don’t offer the full-body workout you need for optimal fitness and weight loss. A boxing class at TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central targets the entire body, getting all of your muscle groups involved to up the intensity of your workout and help you shed weight faster.
With the consistent punching of the heavy bag, shadow boxing, and core exercises built into our workout classes, you won’t need to add much else to your daily exercise routine to reach your weight goals.

3. Our Classes Build Muscle
At TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central, you not only lose weight but begin to sculpt your body and build strength in your muscles. You’ll experience a cardio workout, high-intensity movements in the arms and legs, and the isolation of core muscles to strengthen and build.

Always Remember to Eat Well and Stay Positive
Finally, it’s important to remember to remain positive during your weight loss journey and gain the support you need from our community at TITLE Boxing Club Oakland Central. Whether you are a guest or become a member with us, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who have similar goals.
Now that you have all of the information you need to answer the question, is boxing good for weight loss? Visit us at Oakland, CA and start working towards your goals. We’ll see you soon!