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Jan 19, 2017

Boxing leads to a fun and healthy family lifestyle

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Kathy had always wanted to try kickboxing. But she was either too self conscious, she didn’t want to make a fool out of herself, she didn’t know where to go, or she didn’t have the time. All of this changed the spring of 2015 when her sister’s co-workers Carol and Janet told her about TITLE Boxing Club in Rockville. Knowing that she had wanted to get in better shape, her sister told her what they had told her and encouraged Kathy to try it. By that time, it was close to summer when her two sons would be getting out of school and she wouldn’t have the time. So she waited the whole summer for the first day of school to arrive. When it finally did, she called TITLE.
She remembers speaking to John R., asking if the class was big and if there was a bag in the back where she could be and not worry about making a fool out of herself in front of everyone. He reassured her that she would be fine. So Kathy came in and tried her first kickboxing class. Kathy liked it a lot and came back for another class. But she soon realized that she wasn’t coordinated enough (so she says) to do kickboxing. Kathy felt like she needed to learn how to punch first instead. That’s when a class with Nana, the head trainer, won her over.
It’s been more than a year now since she joined the TITLE Family. Since then, she’s been fortunate to train with Nana and Francisco, a pro boxer at TITLE. She is now training with Scott, a former Muay Thai fighter.  Kathy loves the boxing and kickboxing classes so much that she comes as often as she can during the week to Heidi’s and Nana’s 9:30am classes and will occasionally sneak in a 5:45am class with Scott when the kids are off school! Her eldest son now trains with Nana and her youngest trains with Francisco!
Kathy doesn’t think of it as exercise.
It’s just so much fun working out and training with all the trainers. Little did I know back in the fall of 2015 that I would love boxing and kickboxing so much. Now I can’t imagine not being able to do either at TITLE Boxing Club Rockville.