Before and After
In November of 2017, I knew my existence needed a drastic change. I needed to put myself in an uncomfortable life position, like I did in my late teens when I moved across the US, in order to grow. I required a new routine to stoke a fresh flame in my life.
The previous year, John (No.1) and Francisco made it to my kids’ elementary school. After witnessing Francisco engage my insanely shy 6 year-old son and compel him to put on gloves and hit the pads, in front of his classmates, resonated with me in a way that I wouldn’t soon forget. This dude is great with kids, I thought to myself. The plan, unbeknownst to me, was already taking form.
I ended up walking through TITLE’s doors mid-November at an unprepared and uniquely suggestive 238lbs. In tandem with joining TITLE, I seriously considered my drinking and occasional smoking, and decided to focus entirely on working out every day and letting any time that I otherwise would be imbibing, to ensure that I’m at TITLE.
The results of joining: it’s April and I’m now 200lbs, I haven’t smoked or drank since joining, my internal clock gets me up at around 5am most days and my productivity at work is through the freakin’ roof. I’m furthering my involvement in the community with volunteering at Shepherd’s Table and currently in the hunt for more opportunity to serve and take myself out of my comfort zone with more selfless action, which curiously just works out to my sole benefit.
I feel that I’ve turned that corner in life and more importantly than anything previously mentioned, my kids have seen their father go on a ridiculous journey and come out the other side an improved and changed man because of it. To date, my sister and her family have joined in addition to my two kids, my life-long friend, and now my nephews are begging their dad to join. It all took absolutely no convincing, just the name of my new gym.
When it’s all said and done, we all just have time and change to manage to the best of our abilities in our individual lives. And while I’m still trying to further my improvements daily to best manage those two aforementioned constants…two things anchor me in life, and one of those is the sweet heavy-bag filled iron temple: TITLE Boxing Club. To date I’ve met great people in the classes and it’s more of a home than a gym…and I’m super comfortable at home.
I’d like to extend a very special appreciation to Francisco, Spencer, Brandon, John (No. 2) Jessica and especially Scott for that sick 5:45 morning class and to the rest of the staff, your work really changes lives.