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Nov 3, 2017

Schyler Big Changes Lead To Big Results

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I joined TITLE Boxing Club just over a year ago. I always wanted to try boxing and after a year of working with a personal trainer, I decided it was time to start something new. One day, an email came across about a Groupon special TITLE Boxing Club was running. Because I wasn’t completely happy with the changes I had been seeing, I bought the deal and gave it a shot.

At the time, I was looking to change everything. I wanted to improve in all areas of my fitness.  Never a very athletic or active kid growing up, I knew I wanted and needed to change. My hopes were that after a year with a personal trainer, I would be able to reach my goals. And reach my goals, I had not. I started at 260lbs. Over the first year, I was able to lose 30lbs. Great, don’t get me wrong, but I still had hopes for more and it seemed like my progress was slowing.

The first time I walked in to TITLE Boxing Club, I had no idea what to expect.  All I knew was I am going to commit to it. Matt greeted me as I came in for the first class and even before I took the class, I knew I was ready to sign up. He suggested trying the class first, just to make sure, which I did but there was no need to wait. Although the first class did really kick my butt, it was the only taste I needed. I was ready to jump right in, I loved it!

Fast forward a year and I can honestly say it’s been the best decision of my life! My job did keep me from going on a regular in the beginning but after TITLE Boxing Club promoted the ‘Earn Your TITLE’ challenge with prizes. It got me coming on a regular basis again and I’ve never looked back.

Since joining, the biggest change I’ve seen is my stamina. I can regularly take 2 classes back-to-back (when in the beginning, I would have laughed at that). I was even able to take on all 3 classes on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Not only the stamina, but I’ve seen everything improve; my flexibility, strength, physique. My ability to get through and dominate the warm-up and core sections of the workout has grown significantly. That and losing a good chunk of weight doesn’t hurt :).

At TITLE Boxing Club, there is a lot to like but what I like most is the way the coaches treat me. All of them are so motivating and that helps to keep me going. Feeling the passion they teach with, makes me want to continue to get better, faster, stronger. It keeps me coming in for more.

Joining TITLE Boxing Club has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Please if nothing else, I would recommend everyone try it once. It may not be for everyone, but they’ll be sure to provide you a great total body workout no matter what.  Don’t be intimidated, stop in to the club one time and you’ll know why I say that. The staff and coaches are welcoming, friendly, helpful and want you to have a good time while at the club. The best part about the culture at TITLE Boxing Club, everyone is coming in for different reasons. They are at different fitness levels, ages and different goals in mind but everyone works together.


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