Before and After

Dave has been a member at TITLE Boxing Club Woodbury since May of 2017 and has already lost 40 pounds just by adding boxing to his regular routine! We love having Dave in the club for his positive attitude and great energy he brings to every class! Here is what he has to say about us:

Why did you start at TITLE?

I always had an interest in boxing and kick boxing.  Back in May 2017 I tried out a free class to check out the club.  After the first class I was hooked.  My overall goal was to lose weight and get back into shape.  From when I joined at the end of May and until now I have lost almost 40 pounds. 

What is your favorite thing about TITLE?

I really enjoy how every trainer runs their class different regarding each round with the combinations and with the warm up exercises.  It keeps it new and I think it gives a better overall workout.

What would you tell new comers?

Take the first free class, have fun and pace yourself during each round.  Everybody starts somewhere and majority of the people that come to the club are here for the same reasons.  It is tough at the beginning but the more you come in and work out the easier it gets.

What motivates you most?

Since I have been coming to Title my cardio and stamina significantly increased.  Also after each class I feel far less stress after hitting the bag and my overall health is the best it has ever been. This place has done wonders for me and I would encourage anyone to come and try it out.