Before and After

What was it that brought you in to TITLE?

I’ve always wanted to try boxing since I started working out but seeing the Groupon gave me the push to actually try it for the first time.

How do you feel when you come to TITLE?

I honestly feel like I’m part of a family at TITLE Boxing Club now. I love coming in and knowing all of the trainers and knowing most of the regular members. It’s like a tight knit family.

What sold you on the Club?

The workout I got after the first week of coming. It was nothing like I’ve ever felt. I remember leaving for the first time and not wanting to get out of my car to pump gas because I was so exhausted, but it was a good feeling. I love feeling like I get my butt kicked. It really feels like you have a personal trainer with you guiding you along the way.

What were your goals when you started boxing and where are you now in relation to reaching those goals?

I wanted to lose the weight that I packed on over the last 5 years. I had worked out a bit before that and lost weight but I hit a plateau and I was nowhere near my goal weight.

I exceeded the weight loss goal I set for myself and lost 30lbs in 1 year. Now I focus on maintaining and toning my body.

What is your favorite thing about TITLE?

Besides the workouts, definitely the trainers! I love them all!

What do you contribute your success too?
I started watching what I ate and went on a diet that didn’t starve me or make me eat things I hated. I went to TITLE Boxing Club five days a week and planned my lifestyle around the club. It helped having friends there that would go with you and trainers that kick your butt into shape. Motivation was a big contributor.