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Oct 11, 2018

Cottonwood Heights Member of the Month

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success story before and after

Becky Jones, how she found TITLE Boxing and herself!

We’re happy to introduce you all to Becky Jones. She’s lost 32.6 pounds and 26 1/4 inches! We are so unbelievably proud of her. Check out how she lost those pounds and inches!

“After having my second child I was at my heaviest weight that I’ve ever been. I was not in a good place physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I knew I needed a change but had no idea where to start. I had become someone else and didn’t know how to find myself again. I lived in stress and anxiety all the time and I was never happy. My amazing sister Amelia had just finished her nutrition journey with Dash. She looked happier and healthier and had worked so hard so I decided to try it and see if it was what I needed. It was everything and more! The journey has not been easy, I lived in the comfort of food and not eating a healthy lifestyle that alone was my biggest challenge. I was shocked how much weight and inches I lost each week. I found myself again I found my confidence and my strength and I finally started to see my potential and what I was missing in my life. I feel confident, energized, and able to keep up with my kids. Even though my journey is far from over this program has changed my life and I’m excited for the next step!”

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