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Jul 23, 2018

TITLE Boxing Club is Family

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“Love, acceptance, encouragement, friendship, happiness, strength and balance.. These are just a few words that describe my TITLE Boxing Club family!
Like many, I tried everything to get out of my cocoon of 376 lbs. Starvation, diets, cold judgmental gyms, pills, supplements, books, magic beans (I’ll spare you the unhappy details). I needed a big change, I wanted my life back!
In April 2017, determined, yet struggling, I had lost 43 lbs on my own. I saw that big red sign TITLE BOXING CLUB while driving and something said “pull in and check it out”. After meeting Dash that first day, I not only left with information but a fire, a drive to come back for my first class. A week later I showed up for my first class and was hooked (pun intended) not only by the amazing class that Javier taught, but by the people! The energy and encouragement from the staff and the other members was something I’d never felt before.. I signed up that night!!
Between hitting the bag and a steady diet, by June, I was down 53 lbs on my own, I found my groove with THE BEST 6 am crew EVER!! Verna (fellow 6 am crew member/now friend) and I were talking about how I felt stuck, and she suggested I talk to Dash about nutrition.. BEST SUGGESTION EVER! So, it began, July 2017. Here I am today, just shy of 1 year later and I’m now down another 100 lbs since working with Dash’s nutrition program and boxing!  That’s 110 lbs just since walking thru the doors at TITLE BOXING CLUB!!! Who knew that with the right combination of foods, encouragement and acceptance from the right sources could do for me!
From amazing motivation from the best trainers (thank you Katy, Kendra, Javier, Britt and countless others). To Dash, who has taught me so much and has given me the tools to take my life back. Helping me to Embrace where I am right now! To the members, (especially my 6 am crew, Celeste, Verna, Freddy, Ethan, and so many more). I have met the most wonderful people that have touched my heart with wonderful friendships, unconditional love, thoughtfulness, and encouragement that have brought the strength and balance to my life that my heart, mind and body needed. When they say TITLE Boxing Club is a family, I not only know this, I feel it in my heart!” – Angie

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