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April 3, 2024

Lunch Break Workout Tips

During busy workdays, prioritizing fitness often takes a back seat. However, your lunch break holds untapped potential for a quick and invigorating workout session. We chatted all about mid-workday workouts with TITLE Boxing Club Master Coach Lo Santos.

How do you decide what kind of mid-workday workout you’ll do?

My decision is highly based on the time I have and the sweat factor of the workout. If my break is about an hour and I make it to a nearby workout class, I’ll choose something like Pilates or Sculpt. These low-impact options provide an amazing workout but don’t leave me dripping in sweat when I have to return to the office.

If I don’t have time to make it to a class, I’ll walk. If you’re worried about time, stay close to the office and do small laps to ensure you don’t get too far away and make it back to work on time. Or if you have 30 minutes, walk 15 minutes in one direction and turn around for the 15 minutes back. And usually, walking only requires a quick shoe change versus an entire outfit. Another time saver!

What should you pack to make your mid-workday workout/after your workout easier?

Obviously, don’t leave home in the morning without your workout clothes and shoes! If you’re packing them in a gym bag, be sure to put a grocery bag or other small reusable bag in there for your possibly sweaty workout clothes. This allows you to easily place them in the laundry when you get home. Instead of packing all your full-size toiletries to wash your face, shower, or freshen up, get reusable travel-size bottles. This saves space in your bag and prevents you from having to pack and unpack every morning and night. 

How do you deal with post-workout stink, knowing you’re returning to the office?

I try and pick places that have a shower and amenities. If the place has neither, I’ll have some wipes and things to freshen up: face wash, deodorant, dry shampoo, etc. But try and pick a midday workout that won’t leave you stinky. Again, think of low-impact, low-sweat but highly effective options like Pilates or walking.

When is the best time to eat for a mid-workday workout?

If I know I am working out in the middle of the day, I make time to have a decent-sized breakfast. And if I get hungry closer to the workout, I bring a snack like a banana or blackberries; something that will give me a burst of energy and digest quickly. Be sure you have a meal prepped to eat at your desk after your workout to help you refuel.

Check out the mid-day classes at your local TITLE Boxing Club and punch it out with some fellow lunch break go-getters.