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Mar 30, 2018

Devastation to Determination: Krysten’s Story

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I joined TITLE Boxing Club on July 11, 2016, and little did I know how much it would impact my life.  

About two weeks prior to joining I found out my boyfriend had cheated on me.  I was devastated to say the least and completely closed myself off.  I threw daily pity parties, picking apart every one of my imperfections, all while blaming myself for his actions.  My confidence was shot.  That’s when my friend B stepped in; her goal being to get me out of my own head.  I remember getting a text from her one afternoon asking me if I’d like to try Cross Fit.  I swear to you the text that followed was the fastest “NO” I have ever sent, but then came back with “I wouldn’t be opposed to trying boxing.” Not five minutes after I sent that text, B had gone onto TITLE Boxing Club’s webpage, signed us both up for our free class, and told me to keep an eye out for an email from a guy named Ryan.

I remember getting to the gym early, I signed the waiver, Laura wrapped my hands, and I thought, this isn’t as intimidating as I imagined it would be. Then class started and Blake pretty much tried to kill me.  I’m not lying when I say, not even halfway through the warm up, my mind began racing with thoughts of, There’s not a chance I’m putting myself through this again … I knew I shouldn’t have invested in my own gloves… I wonder what their return policy is for used items?… Homeboy wants me to do what?  You get the picture.  After class finished up, Laura came over to talk to both B and myself, asking how we enjoyed class.  It took everything in me not to scream out that I thought my lungs were going to collapse and my heart was going to explode, not to mention my poor shoulders, and how much pain I knew I was going to be in the next day.  Instead, I decided to let B take the lead.  I thought she and I were on the same page, but that’s when B turned against my sore out of shape self by saying, “I want to sign up!” Now, here’s a little tidbit of information about me: I’m a very competitive person.  So hearing that B was going to sign up, and seeing Laura start to pull out the membership contract, the only thing running through my mind was Oh heck no, she doesn’t get to sign up and become fit while I sit back and become known as the chubby friend! So I signed up.  

It took everything in me to show up the next day, but I did and I continued to show up day after day.  Soon enough the T-Shirts with the phrase, “This is my Happy Hour” started to ring true.  That hour became the time that I would either completely forget the frustrations and pain in my life, or it would become the time that I faced every hurtful memory, head (and gloves) on.  Either way, it was the one thing I was excited about that gave me the ability to make it through the day.  Not long after incorporating boxing into my everyday routine, I began to see improvements in both my appearance and in my mental state.  I was seeing things in a positive light again, and my confidence was growing.

I’ve been a member of TITLE Boxing Club for 1 year now. I’m down 40+ lbs and two dress sizes. I have a waist and a booty I am pretty damn proud of now.  I have met the most amazing people that I am blessed to say have become some of my closest friends, and I have never in my life felt stronger, physically or mentally.  But my very favorite part about TITLE Boxing Club is that it’s more than just a gym, it’s like a second family.  I’ve never felt comradery in any other workout setting the way I do here.  The place is literally filled with people who want you to succeed, who care about your goals and want to help you achieve them, and I’m not just talking about the trainers.  I love TITLE Boxing Club, and I’m so grateful not only for the value it has added to my life but for helping me to realize my value.– 

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