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Feb 28, 2018

Sweating for His Daughter’s Wedding

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Jim started at TITLE Boxing Club Minneapolis Southwest one year ago. Learn more about his journey to losing 40 pounds below.

A buddy and I needed something different than your normal exercise facility to get in shape. John just wanted to get active again; however, my goal was to get in shape for my daughter’s wedding.

I was tentative at first as I was not sure what to expect, also because I just couldn’t see how beating up on a heavy bag would get me in shape. When I looked around it seemed as though I was older than most and I was not sure if I would fit into this type of activity..

Despite my apprehensions, I decided to give it a try. It became clear to me after my first class that this was not your ordinary workout. Quite honestly, I went home that day completely exhausted, sat down on the couch and did not move from that position the rest of the night. So, yes, beating up on a heavy bag was definitely going to get me in shape.

Initially my motivation was to get in shape for my daughters wedding; however, after a few more classes I started to have other motivators. Can I make it through a class without as many breaks as the previous class? Can I keep up with the younger people in the class? I had to modify my level of intensity in order to keep up and make it through the classes, but the answers soon became yes and yes. I can honestly say that I am probably one of the oldest members of TITLE Boxing Club in Minneapolis, but now I can also say that I can hang with the youngest.

I found that the class environment motivated me, I just did not want to put a halfhearted effort in when there were others in the class giving it their all. I made it a point to get to know as many of the instructors and class members as possible and that gave me a built in level of accountability. Also, it is nice when you actually can motivate others and be motivated by others and have fun with everyone around you.

All in all, it has been a great experience so far and I am learning every day. Now, one year later I am down 40 lbs. I have 20 more to go, and I think it will be a breeze. Thanks to the great crew at TITLE Boxing Club!

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