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Aug 29, 2016

Boxing for a Better Body, Mind & Soul

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TITLE Boxing Club Framingham member Sabrina Batista discovered what so many TITLE Boxing Club members did in 2016. You can have fun working out, challenge yourself mentally and physically, and learn to love your body in ways you never thought possible. It all starts with a little determination and a huge belief that you deserve more out of your workouts and more out of life. Here’s to Sabrina and the thousands of other people who have found their own inner fighting spirit through the power of boxing in 2016! Cheers to another inspiring year this 2017.


“Nothing describes a workout better than what I and the other members of TITLE Boxing Club do. When I joined TITLE Boxing Club, I was looking for a way to physically challenge myself; something other than a typical, boring gym workout or crazy heavy weight-lifting. What I get at TITLE Boxing Club is unconventional, extremely challenging, and best of all: fun.

No other workout has changed my body the way the TITLE Boxing Club workout has.


It’s a great combination of boxing and muscle-building exercise. I am stronger, leaner in my core, legs and arms.  Plus, I now have the energy to keep up with work, my husband and our three sons. I have not yet met my goals, but I’m positive that I will and I would not even think of doing it anywhere other than at TITLE Boxing Club.”