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Apr 11, 2017

Knocking Out Parkinson’s One Club at a Time

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TITLE Boxing Clubs across the country are fighting a serious illness that nearly 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with every year: Parkinson’s Disease.

A progressive disorder that affects the nervous system causing tremors and freezing episodes, Parkinson’s is an incurable disease. But through forced and intense exercise like boxing, some members have found new control over the disease and their lives.

This April, during Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we want to tell the stories of the people who are winning the fight against their biggest opponent.

Tate, General Manager of TITLE Boxing Club in Lakeville, Minnesota, explains why the workout is effective. “They call it the shrinking disease. So we do movements that are big, the opposite of what they’re currently doing, to warm their body up.”

One member says,

Parkinson’s wants to make everything small and quiet so something like boxing is big and bold and loud, and you can almost feel it fighting back.



“A lot of anecdotal evidence out there that it slows the progression and in some cases even stops the progression. I just know when I’m through, I feel good,” another TITLE Boxing Club member says.

Tate says,

Some of our members will say that they’re better now than they were two months ago because they’re utilizing so many muscle groups that they hadn’t previously.


TITLE Boxing Club in Newbury Park, California, fights back against Parkinson’s Disease daily through it’s partnership with Rock Steady Boxing.

When member Jennifer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, she decided to take action and joined TITLE Boxing Club.

It really made such a huge impact on my life, it completely turned my symptoms around.


This Parkinson’s Awareness Month, share your own story about fighting Parkinson’s through boxing with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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