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May 18, 2017

One Woman’s Journey to the Best Shape of Her Life

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Kayce Preston’s remarkable journey at TITLE Boxing Club in Carlsbad, California, began in 2014 after a friend and co-worker scheduled a free class for the office. Since then, Kayce has reshaped her body, her mindset and her future. Now, the best hour of her day is spent boxing, doing mitt work, and loving her body. 

The Journey

I remember being sore for a week. Working out wasn’t possible, causing me to put on 20 pounds. Cleared to work out in January 2016, within five months I’d dropped 40 pounds. I was more amazed by how my body has been reshaped by boxing. It feels great to be in my mid-thirties and in the best shape of my life. My stress levels are the lowest they’ve ever been!

There is nothing as good as the endorphins I get from boxing at TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad.

Best Shape of My Life

My Power Hours are an automatic part of my daily schedule. TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad coaches push us past our comfort zones. They strive to help us succeed in a positive and encouraging way. I love doing private mitt work and find that it’s really helping me with my technique.

My workouts are the one hour I spend on myself every day.  The results are physical, mental, and emotional. I love being able to challenge myself and see the results.

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