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Jun 30, 2017

Finding Friendship & Empowerment at TITLE Boxing Club

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Inspiring others and living a healthy lifestyle are two of the more important things in life for TITLE Boxing Club Nashville member Shelby Lynn. Walking through the doors every day and seeing a club filled with excitement and an abundant amount of motivation is a huge reason for Shelby’s driven success. The positivity that surrounds TITLE Boxing Club is what makes each member have the experience they do. In Shelby’s case, TITLE is her release – a place where she can focus on herself but at the same time inspire others in the simplest of ways.

How do you inspire others in your life to live healthy and happy?

“I think I inspire others in my life to live a healthy and happy lifestyle by smiling no matter what. Even on my worst days, finding something to smile or laugh about has helped me tremendously. I try and do this for others to remind them of the good in this world. Smiling truly is the best medicine.”

Shelby’s hard work and continued dedication to being the best version of herself is due in large part to her TITLE Boxing Club Family. Shelby has formed some of her best friendships through this experience. One that sticks out from others is the unique bond Shelby has formed with TITLE employee Rachel. Rachel is a professional photographer who focuses on capturing powerful images in and outside of the club that will inspire others. Shelby and Rachel are both very grateful for their TITLE friendship and are thrilled when they get to work together. Rachel loves taking photos of Shelby because of how hard Shelby has worked to get where she is now, both physically and mentally.

“Taking photos of REAL people who take care of themselves is how I inspire others.” -Rachel


Shelby has tried a lot of different gyms and fitness routines, but none compare to the experience she has had with TITLE Boxing Club. Being able to witness first hand her body transformation through Rachel’s breathtaking photos has truly built her confidence and changed her life. Some find it difficult to stick with the same old workout routine but once Shelby took our signature Power Hour Class three years ago, she hasn’t stopped coming back.

What keeps you coming back to TITLE Boxing Club?

“I can honestly say I have made some of my best friends through this gym. They truly want the best for each of their members and they show their love for their members by remembering names, conversations, asking questions, and being truly interested in all of their members.” -Shelby


Rachel has inspired Shelby to keep coming back and continue to shape the best version of herself and succeed in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. TITLE Boxing Club Nashville is extremely thankful for the work that Rachel does for their members. She transforms excitement and dedication into an art form that inspires all.

The empowering friendship these two young ladies have formed is the spitting image of what TITLE Boxing Club wants for our members — confidence, hard work, motivation, and a TITLE Family.

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