February 15, 2021


You have to invest in yourself… you’re worth it.


Meet Cindy! A determined and bubbly TITLE Boxing Club Ahwatukee member, who has been punching the heavy bag with the TITLE Fam by her side since June of 2020. She began her journey at a point in her life when she was feeling low and not herself.

The stresses of quarantine and major lifestyle adjustments that came with the worldwide pandemic pushed Cindy to a breaking point, a point that inspired her to start making major changes. “I was stress eating and being lazy but it was when I went to visit family in Utah that I truly realized I needed to do something because just playing outside with my nieces and nephews was starting to become a little challenging,” Cindy told us.

After researching fitness options in her area, she found herself wandering into the TITLE Boxing Club in her neighborhood and courageously stepped out of her comfort zone to give it a shot. “I was so nervous,” she admitted. Cindy felt empowered after that first class and ended up signing up for a membership. Unfortunately, just 11 days into her membership, the club temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 state mandates. Strong-willed as ever, Cindy purchased a heavy bag and continued boxing with TITLE Boxing Club On Demand classes until she could safely go back to the club.

Today, she enjoys training at the club four times a week as she continues her health journey. In these last few months, she’s noticed higher energy levels, better sleep, and a 30-pound weight loss. When describing her before and after photos, she said one of the biggest changes was, “I just look happier.” When asked what advice she would give someone on the fence about giving TITLE a shot she answered, “You have to invest in yourself… you’re worth it.”