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Jan 4, 2019

January Member Spotlight: Liana

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Liana joined TITLE in April of 2018. She is one of the many women that suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. She knew that she would have fertility and weight issues due to PCOS — and that’s what drove her to start working out.

She really struggled at first, trying out many different things and activities. It wasn’t until she tried out boxing that she found something that she really liked doing. TITLE has become more than just a place to workout at though. She has met other members that are now her best friends! Liana says that while it may sound corny, TITLE has become like family, she never feels weird or judged here. She can now say that she’s one of those people that actually enjoy working out! Liana still has her lazy days(who doesn’t?!), but now she has goals that she’s set for herself and fighting to achieve.

When Liana first started at TITLE, she weighed 320 lbs and was the heaviest she has ever been. Liana has lost 40 lbs and ultimately wants to get down to 180 lbs — which she says she knows is still a ways away, but now knows not impossible!

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