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Jan 29, 2019

February Member Spotlight: Christie

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Our member of the month this February is Christie from TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, MA! She has proved her strength by overcoming obstacles and pushing herself to the next level. The trainers at TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, MA are extremely proud of Christie and have had her back since the day she stepped into our boxing club. Because of our boxing, kickboxing, HIIT classes, and cardio workouts, she has lost 28 lbs and is continuing to better her health every day. Here’s what Christie has to say about her experience at TITLE Boxing Club Littleton, MA:

It’s hard to say exactly when my fitness journey began. I have always struggled with yo-yo dieting and falling out of routines of fitness plans. Just about 3 years ago, after about a 2-year hiatus from any type of fitness plan I was suffering from severe migraines, I was tired all of the time, and I was at the point where I had to purchase quite literally an entirely new wardrobe. I was at my heaviest that I had been since I was pregnant with my daughter. I had my yearly physical with my doctor, where we discussed beginning to take steps towards a healthier me. I was a size 14 and weighed 162 lbs. I knew I had to make some changes. I had a gym membership to a local gym, but I hadn’t been in 2 years! Can you imagine that, paying for a membership for TWO years that I was not even using?

I found a local fitness studio, where I began to take 30 min HIIT classes 2-3 times per week. It was perfect, exactly what I needed to start my journey. I began to find my confidence again, I began to feel better from the inside out. I learned a lot about myself! I learned, that for me I needed the structure, I needed the accountability! But I was starting to feel like I needed more, that I just wasn’t getting enough from just these classes anymore.  Just about a year later, TITLE Boxing opened in Littleton just a town over. I remember looking it up, saying I was going to “check it out,” but it took me a bit to get there. I was actually nervous….would it be too much? What would the classes be like? Could I handle it? And then I went to my 1st class…..and I never turned back!! The work out kicked my butt (I think I may have actually crawled out of the club the 1st week ;)) TITLE gives me exactly what I need, every time, every workout! I never, ever leave TITLE thinking, I could have had a better workout, or feeling bad about myself. TITLE has helped me to feel more confident, and to hold myself accountable. I look forward to my workouts, always! There has been no yo-yo dieting, I am aware of what I am putting into my body, and I know that food is fuel, and that yes, it is ok to treat yourself. I have structured a fitness plan that works for me. I am eating right, working out regularly, and sleeping better. The continued support of the TITLE community helped me in becoming stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am currently 132 lbs and fit into a size 4…..when I think about that …. it amazes me, it is hard to picture myself 3 years ago. From a size 14 to a 4, 28 lbs of weight loss and a whole new ME!

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