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955 W 5th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43212 614-291-2787

955 W 5th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43212 614-291-2787



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Success Story: Member Spotlight: Leah Alexander

“When I step on the mat, I feel like, you kind of just leave everything behind.” Leah, a recent graduate… Read More

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TITLE’s Angel — A Sister Story

When you were a child wishing you had more opportunities, the brave and strong grow up to give those opportunities to others. That’s just what our trainer, Angel Assid, did.

Angel grew up watching commercials for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and always wanted to be a part of it. She wanted a Big to take her out, play with her, and do activities with her that no one else in her life had time for. When Angel got to college, and started getting into volunteering, she decided to become a Big Sister. Her life was forever changed after that choice.

TITLE Trainer

When Angel met her little (who we’ll call S for privacy reasons) S was only 13 years old. S stayed her little throughout the time Angel was in college. They are still in contact even to this day.

“Her mother passed away while I had her and I was the one who attended her High School graduation, and I helped her get into college, and she actually had a kid too while we were together, and I got to be a part of all of that.”

Angel and S grew very close. They were a great match. Not only did Angel teach S a lot about hygiene, being active, friends, opportunities, and other parts of life, Angel learned from S too.

“I saw her go from a kid, to a full blown adult.”

Angel learned what it means to care about someone so much, even when they aren’t a part of your family. S taught Angel what it means to really be there for someone.

“I’m excited about TITLE partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters because when I was in the program I saw that a lot of kids were paired with people who were great bigs, but they didn’t have as strong of a relationship together. Donations given during this class and during the month of September will be going back into Big Brothers Big Sisters to support finding good matches for littles, to better their experience with the program and with life.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters is more than doing activities with a younger person. It’s about building a strong, lasting, important relationship and mentoring with an at-risk youth. It’s about teaching them to trust, teaching them how to learn, teaching them to express themselves, and helping them grow. Not only are you significantly impacting a young person’s life, your own life will be changed significa

ntly as well. Angel’s life was changed forever by being S’s Big Sister.

Change a life with as little as $10 this month at TITLE Boxing Club Grandview.

For the full month of September, come in and give a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can also show your support by boxing with us September 15th at 12pm, for a special fundraising 60-minute class. Come in and take the class for free with a minimum $10 donation. (Hands wrap purchases are separate). RSVP and get your tickets on our Facebook page or Eventbrite.

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