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Dec 3, 2019

Member of the Month

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Shout-out to our December Member of the Month:




I went with my wife on a hiking trip to Patagonia. During day hikes (8-9 miles), I would get winded and not be able to keep up with the 40-50 years olds in the group. I’m 35. This limited our trip, and I knew something had to change. My wife suggested we try some fitness classes as working out in our home/neighborhood gyms wasn’t doing anything. I wanted to be able to plan new adventures and future travels with my wife without worry about physical limitations. I had participated in martial arts as a kid so TITLE seemed like a good fit for me. I took my first class and I haven’t looked back since! I have dropped 50 pounds in 8 months with TITLE! While weight loss was not my primary goal, I am excited at the improvement it has made in my day to day life. I have more energy and confidence, which are always positive things to strive for.


I Fight for:

My family! I am making sure I am healthy long term.


Jon’s Advice:

I hadn’t worked out like this in YEARS the first weeks can be really tough for new members like me. My advice to new members would be, to just keep going! Even a few classes per week, you are guaranteed to see and feel improvement. Just stick with it!


Congrats Jon! 


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Member of the Month